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Pregnant woman with child

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care at Shipley Chiropractic

Have an Easier Pregnancy and a Faster Delivery

Chiropractic care is extremely safe during pregnancy, and can afford both Mom and Baby myriad benefits, including a more comfortable pregnancy, an easier and faster delivery, and quicker recovery. At Shipley Chiropractic , we tailor low impact, low force care specifically for your needs.

For pregnant women, our focus is on maintaining alignment in the hips, as well as the spine. When the hips and pelvis are properly aligned, it creates ample space for the baby to grow and develop.

When we correct misalignments, it restores optimal nervous system function, so your brain and body can communicate as they should—and that means all the functions of your body work as they should, including housing and growing a new human. In addition, when your nervous system works well, your baby’s does, too.

When to Get Care

We love it when our existing patients get pregnant, because they’re already well on their way to an optimal pregnancy and delivery. Starting care before you conceive allows us to help get your body into alignment so everything is ready to go for your baby. If you’ve already received care, we will generally keep you on your maintenance routine until the last two months of your pregnancy. At that point, we’ll start seeing you every week to keep your hips stable and positioned for a great delivery.

If you’re just beginning care and already pregnant, we’ll create an acute care plan and see you frequently until we get you functioning optimally. Then we’ll switch you to maintenance care through your seventh month, and then see you every week for the last two months.

Focused on Chiropractic

Dr. Shipley uses the Webster Technique and modified Diversified Technique with low force and no twisting to provide safe, comfortable adjustments. Unlike many providers, we don’t promote a bunch of gimmicks or fads—we know chiropractic will help you, and that’s all we focus on.

Start Early

The earlier you begin care, the more comfortable we can help you be throughout your pregnancy. Book today.

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